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我已走回頭了. 搞不清楚事情的發展.

如果時間會停留在那刻多好..    可否不再離我而去
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究竟我們抱著什麼態度? 真不知道

不要顯得笨, 唯有扮作聰明


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 i m scared to hell. i have no mood to think or do anything in dating. the problem is it matters things more than two ppl stuff.

still hvnt done the phone call. i can feel my parents r acting different toward my aboarding. when will i put it in action?
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fill ur life with...
 ppl always said when u r unhappy, u should fill u life with work. i found that it does help! Of cuz i m not unhappy! lol  but having work to do, i would have less time to think of silly things. u know me, i would do lots of things that i dun really expect. hahaha 

if it keeps on, i will be more like the original me. : )
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 i do enjoy my work. i have learnt many from it.

anyone need my advices?  i can surely help : ) but of cuz, i dun want u guys ask me 4 help, haha just in casse.

um... actually, i think i just want to be frds. Sometimes, when u r bored, u would want sb to talk to. What i want is this, nothing more. : ) that's y i always know that what i want is fd, not bf. even i do want a bf, its becuz i want a big buddy.
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 wow, we got camera now! we can shoot anywhere we want. to pic every single min. you have to learn all function asap. we will cap great pics!

cooking, shooting, filming.... everything! we rock : )
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Can you take me with you? HWY

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